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frequently asked questions and their answers

A lead is an individual or an organization who is interested in buying your products or services. Click here to read more.

You’ll only be getting customers who are actually interested in your product or services. 

Let’s pretend you’re offering a ₹10,000 course and you paid us ₹2,000 for lead generation. We’ve now provided you with ten leads. You may quickly recover your expense in our service by closing just one of the ten leads we’ve provided.

The budget for your lead generation will be absolutely based on your choice.

Suppose you have an idea about starting a business or your own brand, but you have trouble starting or don’t know where to start. What we do is help you build your own brand or business online from scratch. i.e., from your idea to a running online business. Click here to read more.

If you are not satisfied with our services we are very much happy to give back your money. We focus on quality, not your money. ( *Terms & Conditions Apply )