Google Search Console Issue: “Failed Hostload Exceeded” Error Spikes Due to Spammer Abuse

In recent days, webmasters and SEO professionals have been facing a peculiar issue within Google Search Console – a notable surge in the occurrence of the “failed hostload exceeded” error. This issue arises when users attempt to utilize the “request indexing” feature within the URL Inspection Tool. While the cause of this error has not been officially confirmed by Google, early indications suggest that it’s the result of spammers exploiting the tool. This blog delves into the details of this issue, where it occurs, what Google is saying about it, and why you should not be overly concerned.

Understanding the “Failed Hostload Exceeded” Error:

The “failed hostload exceeded” error emerges specifically when users click on “request indexing” within the URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console. Importantly, it is not a sign that Google views you as a spammer. Instead, it appears that a small number of malicious actors have been overloading this feature, causing the error for a subset of Search Console users.

Normal Indexing Remains Unaffected:

It’s essential to stress that normal crawling and indexing processes are functioning smoothly. Google continues to crawl the web and index content without any issues. This problem is exclusive to those trying to prompt Google to index a page using the Search Console’s “request indexing” feature. For most websites, there’s no need to resort to this manual method, as Google will discover and index content through conventional means, such as internal and external links, XML Sitemaps, and other mechanisms.

Google’s Response:

John Mueller, a representative from Google Search, has acknowledged the issue and provided some insights on the situation. In a recent update, he mentioned that Google is still investigating and does not have a definitive answer. However, he reassured users that “normal crawling and indexing is generally fine” and suggested not worrying too much about the “failed hostload exceeded” error.

What Actions to Take:

Given that this issue is beyond your control and specific to the “request indexing” feature, it’s advisable not to fixate on it. Instead, consider this as an opportunity to focus on more important SEO tasks that can enhance your website’s performance. You might channel your efforts towards creating new and improved content, refining the site’s user experience, and brainstorming fresh content ideas for the future.

The “failed hostload exceeded” error in Google Search Console, caused by spammers abusing the “request indexing” feature, is a minor hiccup in the world of SEO. While Google investigates the issue, you can use this time to work on other aspects of your website’s optimization. Normal indexing processes continue to work seamlessly, so there’s no immediate cause for concern. Trust that Google will address the issue in due course, and in the meantime, focus on tasks that can genuinely benefit your site’s performance.

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