What is a lead generation and how it works?

Some of you guys might be new to digital marketing and haven’t heard about lead generation. In this post, I’ll explain to you what is a lead and how generating these leads can help your business.(An awareness post about lead generation from the best lead generation company in Ernakulam.)

What is a Lead?

A lead is an individual or an organization who has an interest in buying your product or service. That interest is shared by giving their contact details such as name email or phone number.

Didn’t ring the bell? Don’t worry, I’ll explain to you with a simple example.

Shyam is the owner of a Pen manufacturer company. So the product that he sells is a Pen. A guy named Nirmal is looking for a pen to buy. So in this case Nirmal is a lead to Shyam’s company since Nirmal has an interest in buying Shyam’s product which is a pen.

What is a Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding and collecting the contact information(Name, Phone no. , Email etc.) of an individual or an organization who have an interest in buying our product or service.

Let me explain it with above example of Shyam and Nirmal.

What lead generation do is, find Nirmal(who has an interest in buying a pen) and collect his contact details from himself by telling about the pen which is produced by Shyam’s company. Since Nirmal is interested in buying a pen, he will give his contact details.

How It Can Help?

Since a lead is someone interested in buying your product or service, you can simply convert that lead to a happy customer. Lead Generation is the best way to increase your sales. Also, you can easily get back the money you’ve to spend on lead generation by converting the lead.


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  1. Lead generation helps to get more potential customers and clients. Social media or paper ads etc are always helping many business to generate leads, it is up to us that how we are converting it to the meaningful profit. Thanks for these information, subscribed your blog.

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